Our contribution to the circular economy and conservation of resources.

Aluminum Foil Grit

Raw Material

We process aluminum composite foils. They are used to preserve the smell and taste of a wide variety of goods: groceries, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, animal food and tobacco products.

A large amount of scrap is produced during production. Punched grids or edge trimmings, deviations in color when changing batches, occasional folds when winding up. In all cases, the material is discharged from the manufacturing process.

Recovery Process

We use these scrap aluminum composite foils to recycle the aluminum metal it contains and transfer the metal to its next life cycle.

The laminated films are freed from any organic components in a thermal process and then processed into the respective final product in a multi-stage, purely mechanical process.

Recycling Guarantee

Using laminated films to produce counterfeit goods is a known issue.

At HOESCH Granules, we assure our suppliers that all scrap films we accept is directly processed by us and is therefore removed from the packaging cycle.


Our process is characterized by high efficiency and a climate-friendly energy balance:

At 0.56 Kg CO2 / KG aluminum product, the carbon footprint is about a tenth of the product obtained through atomization.

our foil grits

Inorganic Fluorides

PAF are by-products that inevitably incur during the production of certain aluminum alloys. Our processing enables us to introduce this product as a highly effective reactant into various customer processes.

The same applies to our secondary cryolite: starting from a residue that occurs during aluminum electrolysis, we process the material in a way that it can also be used as a raw material in new processes.

Both starting materials contain fluctuating amounts of aluminum that have to be separated. This is just as crucial for later use as the comminution to the particle size distribution required by the customer and in some cases very narrow. To do this, we use a special grinding technology.

our inorganic fluorides


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