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Aluminium Grits
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Aluminium Granules, Grits and Powders

Aluminium Foil Granules

Our HOESCH aluminium foil granules are obtained from the production waste of the manufacturing of flexible packaging.

Our granules are produced by thermal recovery of the aluminium and multi-stage grinding and screening processes, therefore it convinces with a constant chemical composition and a high specific surface.

Its physical properties make it indispensable wherever high exothermic requirements meet maximum product safety. Aluminium foil granules are used, among other things, as an energy carrier for the production of civil explosives, as a reactant in exothermic feeders and as an alloying metal for metallurgical products.

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Aluminium Atomized

Our HOESCH aluminium atomized is created by spraying the molten aluminium metal with the addition of air or inert gas. It is then divided into different grain fractions by sieving.

The mostly fine and spattery powder is used in a variety of industrial applications. It is required, among other things, for the manufacture of civilian explosives, refractory products, exothermic feeders, as a filler for resin composites in mold construction, powder metallurgy and in chemical industry.

In addition to aluminium powder on a primary basis, we also offer products from the atomization of secondary aluminium.

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Aluminium Grit

Aluminium grit completes our portfolio of grits and powders. HOESCH aluminium grit is mechanically processed from the recycling of thin-walled aluminium scrap such as bottle caps, aluminium cans and profiles.

The coarse-grained, ready-to-sell end product is used, among other things, for steel deoxidation, as an additive for the production of cored wires and for the aluminothermic reaction in the production of metals and ferroalloys. In addition, our aluminium grit is also used in mold and model making as backfilling compound.

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Inorganic Fluorides

Potassium Aluminium Fluoride (PAF)

The raw material occurs as a by-product in the production of AlTi, AlTiB and AlB master alloys and, if required, we grind it down to the finest grain sizes and the narrowest bandwidths.

The compound is used as a salt flux in the melting of secondary aluminium to maximize metal recovery, to reduce the magnesium content of liquid aluminium alloys and as a reactant in the manufacture of abrasives.

HOESCH Granules PAF is also included in additives for the metal industry as a flux to accelerate dispersion after addition.

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The HOESCH Granules product range of inorganic fluorides is supplemented by synthetic cryolite and secondary cryolite as surplus material from fused-salt electrolysis for the production of aluminium in the Hall-Hérout process.

Cryolites are used as fluxes in aluminium recycling and in various industrial processes such as the manufacture of foundry aids, abrasive grits, enamels, solders, welding materials and pyrotechnics.

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Metal and Alloy Powders

Aluminium Magnesium

For our HOESCH aluminium magnesium alloy powders, the alloy is first melted, ground or atomized and classified by sieving.

Our alloy powders are available in a concentration of 50/50 and various grain sizes. In addition, we can also provide customized concentrations with a higher aluminium content as mixed grits and powders.

Aluminium magnesium is required, among other things, in pyrotechnics, for refractory products and as a reactant for fluorine-free feeders.

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Pure Metal and Ferroalloy Powders

As a specialist in grinding and screening processes, we at HOESCH Granules can process even lumpy pure metals and ferrous alloys into the finest powders and grits. Our delivery program includes manganese, chromium and silicon, ferromanganese, ferrophosphorus and ferrosilicon powders.

These powders are essential for the powder metallurgical manufacturing of alloying additives and for the production of filler metals and cored wires.

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