Aluminium Granules

Primary and secondary aluminium granules tailor-made processed.
High quality products with outstanding chemical and physical properties, perfectly designed for various applications.



Coated or non-coated powder from defined alloys for exothermic sleeves, refractory products, cored wire, fireworks and welding applications.

Fused Flux

Inorganic melting salts − Fused Flux

Specially manufactured melt treatment salts under the brand name DURSALIT® for refining of molten metal for aluminium and magnesium industry.


Potassium-Aluminium-Fluoride − PAF

Inorganic salt with low melting point; suited for treatment of molten metal, as component in abrasive products and various applications. Replacement of sodium- and potassium cryolite.


Metal Powder

Powder from various metals and ferro alloys for application in metallurgy, cored wire and welding consumables.